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Small Business Solutions

The owner of a financial planning firm discusses working with Scorpion to diversify growth strategies and create a plan to achieve goals.

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Life Improving Solutions

Research and provide references for life changing medical resources available to address a long standing chronic condition.

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Mobile App Development

The CEO of a Mobile App Development Firm gives advice, explains lessons learned and discusses what it was like to work with Scorpion as her Interim CTO for developing a mobile app.

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Software Development

The CEO of a Software Platform discusses his experience working with Scorpion and utilizing Scorpion's Concierge Model.

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Co-Founder of Online Retailer

The Co-Founder of an Online Clothing Retailer discusses the impact of Scorpion's approach to Governance and Cloud Migration services.

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CTO of National Brokerage

The CTO of a National Brokerage explains how they have used Scorpion numerous times for rapid due diligence on acquisition candidates to augment their confidence in the decision.

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eCommerce Clothing Retailer

A Director of Marketing for an eCommerce clothing retailer discusses what it was like to work with Scorpion to overcome the challenges that his company was facing.

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Founder and CEO of TradeYa

The Founder and CEO of TradeYa discusses what it was like to work with Scorpion as his Business System Analyst and Interim CTO to solve the problems his company was confronted with.

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Finance, eCommerce, and Retail

The CFO of an eCommerce retailer discusses his experience working with Scorpion as an Interim CTO and Architect to overcome the challenges that his company was facing.

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Expert Witness for MCT Technology

Tan ZhiWen, Founder & CEO of MCT Technology discusses what it was like to work with Scorpion as a technical expert witness.

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Financial Advisory Firm

A member of a Financial Advisory Firm discusses what it was like working with Scorpion to preserve intellectual property quickly and effectively.

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Co-Founder of IGiveCards, Inc.

A Co-Founder of IGiveCards, Inc. discusses his experience with Scorpion's 240 Point Inspection and Mediation Services used to realize his vision.

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Online Retail Marketing

Outside-the-box thinking. We needed progressive thinking to help our family business grow Scorpion gave us the ability to focus and move faster. We needed somebody who could provide technical and emotional know-how. We got everything we needed and then some.

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Music Industry & Electronic Dance Music

Insightful engineering vision and problem-solving that empower you to become the solution by uncovering your latent abilities. Scorpion is the “golden ticket.”

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Aerospace Manufacturing

Mariana and Ivan get results by creating Accountability, Responsibility and Alignment with strategic governance

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Crane, Traffic Control and Safety

Precision business alignment. Collaborated with Scorpion to identify business strengths and weaknesses. The Scorpion team is "the edge."

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Agriculture: Coffee Farming

Redesigned, developed, tested, and sourced manufacturers around the world. Scorpion created roadmaps, isolated problems and provided solutions to help me get from prototype to product.

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Immigration and Naturalization Service
California Service Center
P. O. Box 10140
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-0140

Re: New Submission for EBP-1 Extraordinary Ability category on behalf of Mr. O’Brien

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am pleased to present the attached application I-140, by means of which Mr. Walter O’Brien seeks immigrant classification pursuant to the EBP-l Extraordinary Ability category, whose definition and evidentiary requirements are set forth at 8 C.F.R. 204.5(h). Mr. O’Brien bases this application upon his extraordinary past and continuing contributions to the field of commercial software globalization, a major sub-category of the general field of software engineering.

I. Background of Applicant

As a teenager in Ireland, Walter O’Brien was repeatedly recognized as a youth prodigy. He placed among the top programmers in the world in several international high-speed programming competitions, including a sixth-place Finish in the 1993 Information Olympics, and first-place showings in the 1991 and 1992 Wisconsin International Computer Problem Solving Competition. His early work on Artificial Intelligence, performed before his 17th birthday, was recognized by an invitation to present his discoveries to the international Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences conference held in Ireland, as the youngest scientist ever invited to make a peer presentation.

Walter O’Brien took a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Sussex with a dual major in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Time Magazine rated that university’s program “Number 1 in all of Europe and Asia.” He progressed swiftly to make a astonishing series of world-class contributions in software development, primarily in the head of globalization/localization software. These contributions are mentioned below, and are described in some detail among the attachments. Currently, Walter O’Brien is the Director of Global Release Engineering for GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL, a preeminent globalization firm which began as a joint venture between the Japanese and American industry giants, FUJITSU and McDONNELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS. The list of American international corporations that have directly benefitted from Walter’s work for GLOVIA and his previous work for other companies is practically a FORTUNE 500 who’s who.

II. Summary of Field of Software Globalization/Enterprise Resource Planning

What is Enterprise Software Globalization all about? It is the process of preparing a product for adaptation for a particular language and country, defined as the “target country.” This includes translation and other conversions, such as currency, date format, and must take into account local practices and culture, providing a product that is comfortable to use in the target country. The leading-edge American high-technology companies such as MICROSOFT and ORACLE typically derive over half of their overall revenues from overseas business, but they spend less than 1% of revenues on translation and related globalization/localization solutions. It is thus an almost uniquely efficient set of software technologies in terms of the ratio of expenditure to returns. Furthermore, globalization software does not benefit only the largest corporations. It also dramatically expands the markets available to small software and Information Technology startups, which for the moment are concentrated in this country. America will continue to dominate the international software and IT markets only if products are continually developed and enhanced to provide globalization/localization solutions.

III. Argument and Categories of Evidence Submitted

The majority of the attachments will trace the career of Walter O’Brien in this cutting-edge field. We shall demonstrate beyond serious doubt the extraordinary array of contributions made by this software engineer, who has become a leading figure in the globalization business.

Exhibit 4A is a letter of recommendation by Ms. Virginia Cha, who is herself an internationally acclaimed information Technology pioneer and executive. The reviewing officer is directed at this time to Ms. Cha’s letter, which describes in detail the basis for this petition in the solid accomplishments of the applicant, and which will serve as a valuable guide to the large number of exhibits which are attached to support the instant claim of extraordinary ability.

In the balance of this letter, I shall not attempt to restate in detail the content of Ms. Cha’s letter. Rather, I shall discuss the various statutory factors which are specified as considerations in the EBP-l Extraordinary Ability category, and direct the reviewing officer to some of the evidentiary submissions that pertain to each of the relevant categories.

Pursuant to 8CFR 204.5(h)(3), an alien seeking classification in the “extraordinary ability” category must include evidence of a one-time achievement (a major, internationally recognized award), or at least three from of a list of ten types of achievements, at the end of which is a statement that other forms of evidence may also be considered. The career of Walter O’Brien, as evidenced in the instant petition and its attachments, includes evidence in the following categories:

l. Lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for “excellence in the field of endeavor”.

First-place member of the Irish national team at the Wisconsin International Computer Problem Solving Competition. Sixth-place finish in the world at the 1993 information Olympics.

2. Participation on panel or individually as a judge of the work of others in the field

The attachments show the invitee membership of Walter O’Brien to the technical advisory boards of major companies, involving critical evaluation of various technologies, review of technical literature, etc. As stated by Ms. Cha at Exhibit 4A,

“In the software development industry, the gold standard of recognition for individual accomplishment and quality is invitee membership on Technology Advisory Boards. Only the very best software engineers and business planning professionals receive such invitations…Walter O’Brien’s background includes either current or previous service on the Technology Boards of such companies as StarGlobe…Toin Corporation, and Keltech.”

3. Original scientific, scholarly…or business related contributions of manor significance

Officer is referred once again to Ms. Cha’s letter and supporting exhibits, which discuss such major contributions as WinLocX, the First globalization software written to parse any natural language our of any programming language from any platform, and translate for use into any target language. This revolutionary project and its progeny are a key element in the capacity of software companies to expand internationally into markets previously unavailable due to language barriers; HYPERTOOL, developed for ORACLE CORPORATION’S Worldwide Translation Group in Dublin; Chief architect of the GLOBAL XCHANGE (UTOPIA) project, the first and leading enterprise-level localization system for multinational companies, which has been used by ORACLE, HEWLITT PACKARD, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, and others of similar stature; Leading role as Director of Global Release Engineering for GLOVIA, benefitting such clients as CATERPILLAR, DELL, RAYTHEON, XEROX, HONEYWELL, HP, SILICON GRAPHICS, ORACLE, SUN MICRO, DISNEY and MOTOROLA.

4. …alien has performed in a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation.

All service on Technical Advisory Boards
Role as chief architect and Industry Evangelist for the UTOPIA product while at UNISCAPE
Various groundbreaking work for ORACLE
Current role as Director of Global Release Engineering for GLOVIA

5. …high salary or other high remuneration for services

Current salary
Current stock options
Various other compensation packages for consultancy work and/or service on Technical Advisory Boards (by nature, part-time and limited duration work at high level of remuneration)

6. Display…at artistic exhibitions or showcases

Although the applicant is not applying as an artist, it is common to argue this element by analogy. The legitimacy of such an approach is established by the “catch-all” provision of the prescribed forms of evidence, which permits the consideration of other forms of evidence. In this category, Walter’s presentation on globalization at the 1998 ORACLE show and his participation as a panelist at the 1999 Star+Globe globalization seminar are displays at high-technology industry seminars and meeting, and are thus analogous to “exhibitions or showcases”, albeit in a field other than the arts.

The attached exhibits constitute only a representative sampling of the information available on this enormously prolific engineer in the globalization software field. Large amounts of additional documentation are available if required.

An important point to note is that the “extraordinary ability” category, by releasing the alien from the requirement of attachment to a given employer-petitioner, seeks to permit him to explore his talents, spreading their benefit as widely as possible. This consideration is ideal for Walter O’Brien, who has invented or re-invented several software engineering technologies, who, at any moment in his career, is offering high-level consultation to CEOs of several established companies and several young “dot-coms”; who is always working on several projects at once for improved globalization/localization solutions with universal implications. Ms. Cha’s glowing recommendation mentions the amazing range of Walter’s talents and interests. She notes, for example, his current work as a volunteer with BestTeachersAndSchools.com, a project for “an Internet-based community for the independent gathering, analysis, and dissemination of parents’ and students’ evaluation of specific teachers and schools”, and concludes that he must be permitted to work freely on multiple projects:

“This level of freedom is precisely what an individual of this man’s extraordinary gifts requires in order to make his full contribution to society.”

With the highest level of enthusiasm, I respectfully request your attentive consideration of the instant petition, this argument, the letter of Ms. Cha, and the other exhibits. By any reasonable standard of judgment, Mr. Walter O’Brien is well-qualified for the immigration benefit he seeks, which will enable him to continue to make world-class contributions to the efforts of American companies to expand their revenues through international sales in the new world high-technology economy.

This letter is immediately followed by a list of attachments for your convenience in reviewing the file.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.

George O Feldman, Esq.

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TO: Whom it may Concern

FROM: Steven Messino (Co-founder of Sun Microsystems)
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Walter O’Brien

It is very seldom in my career I encounter a person who has such a wide array of natural born talents critical to their success in the Computer Industry. Walter has that unique ability to not only strategically design intensely complex software applications, but the gift of explain the design in such a clear and concise fashion that an audience consisting of Chief Technology Officers and Secretaries would both understand the message at their own level.

In my 12 years of Sales Management I have never encountered a technical contributor like Walter; who in the event of a corporate downsizing, he would be the last member of the Sales Organization I would terminate. At Uniscape he has single handedly leveraged the entire growth of the Software Product Line. His value to the firm far exceeds any other member of the field organization.

Walter’s diverse talents make him a critical asset to any organization. I would seriously consider hiring Walter in positions as diverse, Engineering Design & Management, Product Management, Evangelist, System’s Engineer and even as a Technical Sales Account Manager. If you choose to bring Walter into your organization, your mutual success is guaranteed!

Steven Messino

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Vianna W. Quock Vice President, Globalization Services Uniscape, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have previously held a position at ORACLE for seven years as a localization project manager for ORACLE Applications division. I met Walter while working at ORACLE HP in Redwood Shores, Walter worked on Internal Localization tools for ORACLE Europe based in Dublin, Ireland. He had developed the HYPER project which achieved a 97% saving on a $60 Million PO with the Berlitz corporation. I worked with Walter for 1 week in which time he learned and implemented changes to HYPER so that it would also work with double-byte Asian data to be used in Asia-Pacific region.

Walter joined Uniscape Inc, a company founded by ex-ORACLE employees and worked on a commercial localization tool system, initially called Utopia and later renamed Global Xchange. I discussed extensively the initial architecture and designs of this system, particularly the localization process flow. Walter defined a generic system designed to deal with Help and Source code together leveraging glossaries from both and perfected methods of generation, classification and sorting to achieve the ultimate balance of quality, consistency and savings through reuse. Walter thought out of the box and as a result created new patentable ideas and functions to achieve these objectives.

In order to complete this task Walter showed a great depth of knowledge in Word, WordBasic Macro programming, File formats and both help RTF files and HTML formatted help. He coded at unparalleled speed and produced top quality code requiring little QA. When issues changed or new raw data raised a problem, Walter’s bug fix & turnaround time averaged approximately fifteen minutes! Many of the above discussions and whiteboard design talks ran late into the night but Walter never left until the current topic of discussion had been resolved by an algorithmic solution.

Walter proved to be mature beyond his years, he was polite, easy-going and a joy to work with. His work was always carried out with perfectionism and professionalism. Walter is a highly self-motivated individual who is always enthusiastic and passionate about his work. During the time he was working in Uniscape as a sales engineer, he has constantly received high praise from his peers and customers for his broad range of technical knowledge as well as in depth understanding of our products. As a sales engineer, Walter often has to participate in various meetings with our clients and he has always represented the company in a professional and friendly manger. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help other people. In return, he has earned great respect and appreciation from his colleagues and managers.

Finally I would strongly recommend Walter for any positions he is applying for. He will be a very valuable asset to any company. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely Vianna W. Quock Aug. 24, 1998

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GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL - A Joint Venture Between MDIS and Fujitsu

Walter O'Brien, Professional Reference

I had the pleasure of working with Walter during my role as Vice President of Development and Technology at GLOVIA International, LLC, during parts of 1998/1999. I brought Walter aboard as Director of Global Release Engineering. In this capacity, he built QA, Technical Documentation and Release Engineering.

The GLOVIA product at that time was an ERP product for the Make-To-Order/Engineer-To-Order Manufacturing space, with close to 10,000 screens, based on around 4000 database tables, marketed in all the regions: Asia, Europe and the Americas. It had been translated by local offices/distributors with widely varying completeness and quality.

There was also no standard or repository for all local efforts. It was Walter's responsibility to coordinate with all of GLOVIA's regional offices and begin the complex process of standardizing all translation and localization efforts. Walter's knowledge of this space is encyclopedic and he was able to accomplish this substantial task well ahead of my expectations. He also proved extremely savvy working with mentalities ranging from Japan to Germany. He quickly built an organization that was well respected within GLOVIA's organizations worldwide and its affiliates. He hired a very gifted team lead to execute the tasks at hand, while managing his budget to the point.

Walter has impressed me first with his ability to present, while still at Uniscape. Coupled with his extraordinary knowledge of the complex space of internationalization he was able to work well with customers and partners. He has a good sense of technology and high professional integrity. All these traits, I did not expect in a person of his age.

I enjoyed very much working with Walter and believe he has much potential left to go. I am disappointed to not having the required internationalization challenges in my current position to bring Walter aboard - the moment that situation changes, I will surely attempt to work with Walter again.

Kai Mildenberger
Chief Technology Officer
January, 2000

1940 E. Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245
TEL (310) 563-7000

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GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL – A Joint Venture Between MDIS and Fujitsu

March 31, 2000

Dear Walter,

I am extremely proud to recognize you for your outstanding contributions to GLOVIA. Please accept this gift as a token of appreciation for the very important work you do for GLOVIA, for myself, and for your fellow employees here at GLOVIA. By giving of your time and talents, you have made a huge difference in the success of our company.

I personally thank you for all your hard work and commitment and look forward to working along side you to reach our company and personal goals.

With warmest regards and respect,
Matt O’Malley
President & Chief Executive Officer

1940 E. Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo, California 90245
TEL (310) 563-7000

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July 22, 1999

To Whom This Concerns:

Walter O’Brien is the Chairman of my company’s Technology Advisory Board. The appointment of Walter to head my advisory board and to provide me with feedback and advice on my company’s strategic positioning is by far the best decision I’ve made this year. Not only has Walter been able to provide very concise, focused, and accurate insights to my company’s strategic and competitive position, he has brought his personal contacts from his wide span of influence to help and assist the company.

As a specific example, I’ve recently successfully recruited my VP of Sales from a direct contact from Walter. I would not have been able to source this superb candidate in such a short time (3 months from first request to successful recruitment) without Walter’s personal contacts, his preparation of my expectations, and his prescreening of prime candidates. Walter completed this assignment for me with great impact and energy even though the recruitment of Sales VP was not a pre-agreed upon activity of Walter’s technical advisory consultancy agreement.

I would not hesitate to bring Walter into any technology organization in a high-level management position. It is very seldom that I speak this highly of another individual. Walter will bring success and impact to any organization he chooses to align himself with.


Star+Globe Technologies Inc.

Virginia Cha

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To Whom This Concerns:

In 1964 The Toin Corporation, a Japanese localization vendor located in Tokyo, Japan was founded. Toin has been a vendor £or many prestigious customer such as Intel, Kenwood., Microsoft, NEC Corp., Sun Microsystems, Hitachi, Toshiba, NTI', Motorola and Ericsson.

Walter O’Brien has helped TOIN, a single language vendor in the Japanese localization industry, build its strategic alliance with other localization vendors in the world and hence gave us an international presence in the market place. At the same time, he was also responsible for helping us win certain contracts in this industry.

The following is a summary of what Walter achieved for us in the last year:

a) General Strategy Advice on the Market and issues of breaking into a US Market.

b) Introducing the company, with his personal backing to quote on B2B giants contracts like Cornmerceone.

c) Providing and executing text engineering contracts for a Fujitsu subsidiary.

d) Locating, researching and qualifying through personal meetings and contacts European companies compatible in size, revenue and mindset to partner with Toin Corp. Facilitating formal introductions of the companies on both sides.

e) Introduction to meet with Star+Globe technologies Pte. CEO and Founder Virginia Cha.

As you can clearly sec from the above points, not only has Walter been able to provide us with insights to our companies global marketing strategy but he also has brought his personal contacts from his wide span of influence to help and assist the company.

With this in mind, I would highly recommend Walter to not only a technology organization but to any company that is trying to grow its foothold in the competitive international market.


Sunil Sadhwani
Director of Localization
The Toin Corporation

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Best SchoolsAndTeachers.Com
Fred R Catona

It is my pleasure to write this letter in regards to Mr. Walter O’Brien.. I am the founder of Radio Direct Response (RDR), one of America’s largest direct response marketing companies.. In the last four years, we have created over $5 billion dollars in value for clients like Priceline.com, Lycos, and Disney.

I have recently stepped aside from my responsibilities at RDR to launch the passion of my life, Best SchoolsAndTeachers.Com. This Internet driven company has the potential to change the American educational system forever for the better.

After an extensive search for a technology advisor, we chose Walter O’Brien. He was chosen due to his ability to relate both on the technical and business aspects of our enterprise. Walter has made his mark previously in the field of Enterprise Software Globalization, which is a key element in the efforts of American high-technology companies to enter and excel in overseas markets. More generally, he is an important figure in the Enterprise Resource Planning field, an astute and exceptionally talented professional whose efforts have already saved us a great deal of time and capital in the development of our company.

At present Walter is serving as the Chairman of our Technology Board and acting Chief Technology Officer. Walter is helping to oversee the development of our website and is assisting us in presentations to venture capital firms and other professional adjunct subcontractors. As we roll out on an international basis, his advice and counsel to us will be of critical importance.

Walter assists us on a regular basis to evaluate, translate, and formulate our strategic plans. It is important to for us to integrate our philosophy from the spoken and written word seamlessly into an Internet community that captures the intent and spirit of our mission. Walter has been an immense help in this function.

Walter is an essential part of our organization and we will support him in any way we can as he transitions into the American socio-economic culture. His contribution to the work of major companies in this country and abroad has been nothing short of remarkable, and we are indeed fortunate to have an individual of his stature at the head of our Technology Board.

Fred Catona
Founder and CEO

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August 22, 1998

'To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to covey my professional observances regarding Walter O’Brien’s work performance as a Systems Engineer and as a member of the sales team at Uniscape, lne.

Walter has demonstrated an in-depth technical systems knowledge across a wide number of computer system subjects. This knowledge, in part, includes the Client/Server market including the Globalization requirements for complex systems. In addition Walter is a self starter, highly motivated and adaptable to a rapidly changing environment.

Walter’s role was that of the “technical expert”, preparing presentations, screen cams, proposals, systems analysis, setting up and executing live demonstrations with customers’ system/files and other technical support functions.

Walter has been able to establish strong and respected relationships with customer technical staff and solving their system problems through his technical knowledge. In lengthy and detailed presentations, he was able to effectively present new ideas and challenge contrary view convincingly and effectively.

Walter tasks included supporting five experienced sales executives in a quick paced environment. Walter had established an excellent working relationships in a demanding and rapidly changing atmosphere. The need to work long and erratic hours was necessary to complete many projects at the same time in a short period of time. Walter’s skills were appreciated by all members of the sales team.

The company’s market included a wide span of customers from start ups to Fortune 100 companies. Specific companies that Walter established strong relationships include Seagate Software, Cisco Systems, General Electric, SAS Institute and many others.

Walter has a unique capability to develop a strong level of confidence with both Clients and fellow team members. Walter is able to communicate in all levels of the customer staff from the Chief Executive level to the projects system engineers.

I highly recommend Walter O’Brien for a sales Systems Engineering position including positions where direct customer support and relationship building are important. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at my home 650-323-0839 or my office at 650-596-1430 x241.


Robert Leaf
Account Executive.

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Dear Sir or Madam:

I am pleased to assist my colleague Walter O’Brien in the matter of an immigration petition he inElevends to present to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, based at least in part on his preeminence in the field of Enterprise Globalization. His extraordinary accomplishments as a pioneer in this critically important field, despite his relative youth, speak for themselves. Having followed his career with great interest, I would like to make my contribution in the form of a summary of these accomplishments and their importance in the new global economy.

I am the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Star+Globe Technologies. Since our inception in Singapore in 1997, we have been a leading-edge multilingual software development consortium. As you may know, Singapore is the Asian powerhouse in the Information Technology field. The government-sponsored Kent Ridge Digital Laboratories (KRDL) attained early acclaim. Companies and products such as Creative Lab’s SOUNDBLASTER card originated from Singapore’s hub of innovation. In 1997, Star+Globe became the primary spin-off from KRDL’s early efforts in software globalization and related technologies. Star+Globe Technologies, Inc., a California corporation of which I am also Chief Executive Officer, was formed as a subsidiary in 1998. Prior to my association with KRDL, I was Director of Advanced Technology at UNISYS CORPORATION, a systems integration I’I’ company which played a leading role in the early years in promoting corporate adoption of the World Wide Web. In addition to my executive duties at Star+Globe, I participate as a speaker and panelist in a range of international trade meetings; public and commercial television programs for technology start-up companies in Asia; and most recently, as the first invited speaker to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sloan School of Management lecture series on Women in Management.

I wish to begin my review of Walter O’Brien’s accomplishments with some information about the distinction he achieved while still an adolescent. By the age of 16, he was recognized in his native Ireland as a child prodigy. In 1991 and 1992, he ranked first for the Irish team in the Wisconsin International Computer Problem Solving Competition. In the 1993 information Olympics for high-speed computer problem-solving, an event with 1800 competitors, all top-notch programmers from all over the world, he ranked as the sixth-fastest programmer in the world. His early work in Artificial Intelligence, also undertaken before his 17th birthday, was recognized by an invitation to present his discoveries to the Dublin HITACHI Research Laboratory, and to participate by special invitation in the Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science conference held at the University of Limerick, as the youngest scientist ever invited to make a presentation.

In 1996, Walter O’Brien was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree in the dual major of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Sussex is the leading European institution of higher learning in the software development field, and is known for a brutally rigorous regimen of high-speed programming assignments that produce a drop-out rate of 90%. In 1994 a Time Magazine Survey declared that “The Cognitive Sciences Institute at Sussex is rated No. 1 in all of Europe and Asia.”

It is difficult to recount, point by point, the lengthy list of world-class contributions of Mr. O’Brien in software development, and the various forms of recognition he has achieved. I will limit my discussion to a few of the highlights prior to his association as the Chairman of the Star+Globe Technical Advisory Board, as follows:

-Primary developer of Localization Engineering Software for ISOCOR in Ireland, a world leader in the production of electronic mail, server, and network systems for the multi-platform market. This product, one of the first localization packages produced anywhere, enabled the translation of company products into virtually any European language, and promptly led to the near-doubling of ISOCOR’s sales.

-Primary developer of WinLoc X: This revolutionary software package, developed while Walter was a student at Sussex, consists of a giant parser with a menu-driven Windows interface. It was the very first program writEleven to parse any natural language out of any programming language from any platform, and translate it for use into any target language. This product and its progeny in globalization software is a key element in the capacity of software companies to expand internationally into markets previously unavailable due to language barriers.

-While employed by the ORACLE CORPORATION’s Worldwide Translation Group in Dublin, Walter developed complex tools for translation of products into European and Asian languages. His contributions to the HYPERTOOL project led to savings of over 90% on a $60m translation contract from BERLTTZ CORPORATION.

-Membership in the Software Localization Interest Group (SLIG), along with peers from such companies as SYMANTEC, LOTUS, COREL, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, and MICROSOFT.

-Project Director for UNISCAPE, INC., and Chief Architect of its GLOBAL XCHANGE (UTOPIA) project, which is the first enterprise-level localization system for multi-national companies. During his Elevenure at UNISCAPE, Walter began in earnest to assume a leadership role as an “Industry Evangelist”, supporting the sales team with multimedia presentations, public speaking, seminars, expositions and pilot demonstrations of the beta product. UNISCAPE’s UTOPIA project was a revolutionary step in the development of localization software. It and its progeny have been the preferred localization software systems of such leading companies as ORACLE, HEWLITT PACKARD, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, and others of like stature in the new global economy. If Walter’s only accomplishment to date were his leadership role in the UTOPIA development effort, his place would be secure as a primary figure in the globalization/localization field.

By the late 1990s, Walter had come to be recognized both as one of a handful of technical wizards in the $2 Billion globalization-localization niche of commercial software development, and as an articulate and highly-effective spokesman in the larger held of Enterprise Resource Planning. In 1999, I asked Walter to begin service as Chairman of the Star+Globe Technology Advisory Board.

In the software development industry, the gold standard of recognition for individual accomplishment and quality is invitee membership on Technology Advisory boards. Only the very best software engineers and business planning professionals receive such invitations. In this connection, I wish to point out that Walter O’Brien’s background includes either current or previous service on the Technology Boards of such companies as Starglobe, BestTeachersandschools.com, Toin Corp, and Keltech.

Beginning in 1999, Walter has been Director of Global Release Engineering for GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL and this year, he was promoted to Director of Global Business Development. GLOVIA began as a joint venture between the Japanese industry giant FUJITSU and McDonnell Information Systems. GLOVIA today is a preeminent player in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market, delivering prompt implementation of open system solutions, and especially globalization solutions. In this position, Walter directs the efforts of over 30 computer and business professionals. Some of GLOVIA’s customers, on whose behalf Walter has been a principal developer of globalization solutions, are CATERPILLAR, DELL, RAYTHEON, XEROX, HONEYWELL, HEWLETT PACKARD, SILICON GRAPHICS, ORACLE, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, DISNEY and MOTOROLA.

The importance of globalization software and the related business technologies to the new American economy cannot be overstated. Fortune 500 software companies such as MICROSOFT and ORACLE derive on average 60% of their overall revenues from overseas sources, but they typically spend less than 1% of their revenues on translation and related globalization solutions. Many other leading-edge American companies have yet to develop a serious international capability. The point to be emphasized is that companies which develop the capacity to translate and implement their computer technology products into foreign languages and cultures rapidly and accurately will enjoy an enormous competitive advantage in the coming years and thus can achieve 150% revenue growth. A related point on the subject of competition is that, here in America, there is never a shortage of competitors with good ideas and good products in the software and internet realms, but this is not the case in most of the world. Thus, there is right now a unique, but short-term, opportunity for those high-technology companies which have not yet developed an international presence to adopt globalization solutions of the kind Walter O’Brien has been developing for years in order to capture new markets, and thereby to maintain American dominance in these new industries.

Star+Globe Technologies develops comprehensive solutions to the problem of businesses seeking to enter foreign markets. We use the slogan “Your Partner in Multilingual Computing” because our focus has been the technical problems presented when a business enterprise wishes to function in a milieu of foreign languages and currencies, as well as unfamiliar banking and financial customs, and business practices generally. Walter O’ Brien, once again, is a leading international expert in applying advanced programming technology to these very problems.

One final point: A programmer of Walter O’Brien’s astonishing intelligence and range will never be fulfilled, nor can he make his full contribution, if his efforts are all devoted to the fortunes of a single employer. At any given moment and throughout his career, Walter is in touch with numerous business developers, “Dot Com” entrepreneur, and established CEOs on a variety of projects. Right now, for example, he is working on a volunteer basis with BestTeachersAndSchools.com, a project for an Internet-based community for the independent gathering, analysis, and dissemination of parents’ and students’ evaluation of specific teachers and schools. I mention this intriguing project to demonstrate that Walter’s real and poElevential contributions are not restricted in any sense to the globalization software field. It is my understanding that the immigration petitions he is filing will, if approved, permit him to serve on various technology boards, work independently, and in general, avoid the need to tie his immigration prospects to employment with a single company. This level of freedom is precisely what an individual of this man’s extraordinary gifts requires in order to make his full contribution to society.

I enthusiastically endorse the petition of Walter O’Brien for immigrant status based on his extraordinary ability and uniquely distinguished work in the Globalization Software and Enterprise Resource Planning fields. His accomplishments in these areas are well-recognized in the industry by virtue of the high positions he has occupied, and most importantly his past and continuing service on the Technology Advisory Boards of leading companies and dynamic corporate newcomers. The work of Walter O’Brien has already served the American national interest by facilitating the entry and integration of high-technology companies and their products into foreign markets in the new global economy.

Thank you for your cooperation and atElevention in reviewing this information about Walter O’Brien.

Virginia Cha

Managing Director, Uniscape Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Former Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Star+Globe Technologies Pte Ltd


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Vianna W. Quock
Vice President, Globalization Services
Uniscape, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Walter O’Brien is a highly self-motivated individual who is always enthusiastic and passionate about his work. During the time he was working in Uniscape as a sales engineer, he has constantly received high praise from his peers and customers for his broad range of technical knowledge as well as in depth understanding of our products. As a sales engineer, Walter often has to participate in various meetings with our clients and he has always represented the company in a professional and friendly manner. Walter has contributed a lot to the company in various area. He is always willing to go the extra miles to help other people. In return, he has earned great respect and appreciation from his colleagues and managers.

I strongly recommend Mr. O’Brien for any positions he is applying for. He will be a very valuable asset to any company. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Vianna W. Quock
Aug 24, 1998

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January 30, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure, as a senior executive consultant at Uniscape Inc., to have worked with Walter O’Brien. I have had twenty eight years experience in the computer industry in marketing, sales and technical implementation and management. I have managed dozens of salesmen and software analysts. At no time in my career have I seen anyone who had such high measures of talent in both sales and technical areas.

Walter has specifically contributed to the sales foundation of major corporations such as 3M, 3COM, Intel, Oracle and has been an invaluable resource in his sales support capacity, and technical sales training capabilities.

His extraordinary technical expertise is world class, and I am hard pressed to think of anyone more creative, and capable than Walter in this area, both as a systems designer, programmer and technical manager. As a high tech consultant, I would say without question that Walter is the most valuable asset of my current client, Uniscape.

Please contact me by email anytime for more details if you wish.

Thank you.
John K. Piraino, President
JPX Consulting, Inc.

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Dear Sir/Madam:

Walter O’Brien has demonstrated superb technical expertise, communication proficiency and professionalism throughout his assignment with me and my sales territory. His knowledge of state-of-art technologies, pertaining to Internationalization and Localization, was appreciated by all he presented to. The audiences that he frequently communicated with, while presenting corporate strategies, product features and technical solutions, during our sales meetings, were consistently enlightened by his vast knowledge, style and patience. In addition to Walter’s ambition to stay abreast of any new technology, he has always been very reliable, confident and self-assured when it came to providing and assisting with his customer’s, prospect’s and colleague’s request’s for information. As an individual contributor, Walter has proved to be a great resource of information and an expert in his field.

- Gary Calderon
Director, North American Sales
Uniscape, lnc.

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Dear Sir/Madam 12-June-97

This document confirms that Walter O’ Brien has been employed by Oracle Ireland as a freelance contractor from Nov 27 todate.

During this time Walter has been involved in a number of developmental projects, principally using Word Basic and Visual Basic. Walter has worked well, particularly so when under pressure to deliver solutions to a tight schedule.

Walter has good communication skills and was well liked by his customers and other team members.


Paul Quigley
Translation Tools Development Manager

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Sergio Pelino
Language Services Manager
Oracle World Wide Product Translation Group
Tel +353 1 803 9122
East Point Business Park
Fax +353 1 603 1918
Fairview, Dunlin 3, Ireland

30 June, 1997

To whom it may concern

I had the pleasure to know Walter O’Brien and to work with him from the 19th of December 1996 to the present day, during his employment contract with the Oracle World Wide Translation Group’s Tools group.

During this time I appreciated Walter’s unconditional commitment to any project he has taken responsibility of within his group and his exceptional professional attitude and fair play.

As a customer to the Tools group, I have very much appreciated Walter’s availability, open disposition and his highly developed problem solving capabilities. Walter has proved to be key to the development of many strategic projects in WPTG and in particular for the creation of the initial specifications for e Resource Allocation Management application for my group.

Walter did an outstanding job for WPTG and I believe that his skills and experience should prove an asset to any software organization. I would recommend Walter very highly to any prospective employer and would be more than happy to elaborate on this reference if necessary.

Sergio Pelino
Language Services Manager
Vendor and Language Services, Oracle World Wide Translation Group

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ISOCOR Ireland
42-47, Lower Mount Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

To whom it may concern.

Walter O’Brien has during the course of his studies at the University of Sussex spent two extended periods of work experience at the company for which I work, ISOCOR, during summer vacations. He has also worked with us both inhouse and remotely to deliver a number of specific software projects. I would like to attest to the extremely high quality of Walter’s work and to his exceptional professional and personal attributes.

When Walter first worked with us, I was tasked with the setting up of a Localization Department. Walter was of immense assistance in setting up the environment necessary and putting procedures and tools in place. In addition, Walter lent his talents to a number of other projects: one of his most noticeable abilities is that of constantly identifying where he can best help out and showing great initiative and self management in getting the job done.

When Walter next came to work with us, he provided invaluable help in the co-writing and fine tuning of accounting applications which monitor the usage of our messaging infrastructure. This involved swiftly coming to grips with a number of new tools and technologies. Once again, Walter’s work was hallmarked with a perfectionist approach and the ability to manage his time and prioritise tasks, since other ISOCOR personnel were also making competing claims on his attention.

On a personal level, Walter is a bright, cheerful and helpful person who would be an asset to any team fortunate enough to attract him as a member. Coupled with his prodigious talent and qualifications in software development I have no hesitation in forecasting that he will go a long way in the software industry.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further clarification as regards Walter or his work with ISOCOR.


Tony Mulqueen,
Principal Writer (Marketing Communications).

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23 September 1992

To Whom it May Concern

Dear Sir

Re: Mr Walter O’ Brien

Walter worked at Zergo Systems Limited for a period of 9 weeks in Summer 1992. His prime responsibility was to re-organise the company’s address database, using the database package, Paradox. He also organised a software register and set up a “standard” PC environment.

To do this he had to grasp new computer packages and concepts extremely quickly, with the minimum of supervision. His knowledge of PC packages and DOS/file management undoubtedly helped, and we were also very impressed by his approach to databasing concepts and organisation.

Walter proved to be a very resourceful, conscientious worker, maintaining a high standard of work throughout the project. His time-keeping was good and he was quite willing to work longer hours whenever required. Moreover, he delivered results, completing the tasks in a very professional manner.

He has an easy-going personality, which enabled him to quickly fit in with Zergo’s other employees.

Yours faithfully

R J Lane
Operations Manager

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Neu Sportique Ltd
T/A Nipex Sports
70 High Street Kilkenny

17th July 1997

To Whom it Concerns,

Walter O’Brien is engaged with Nipex Sports to oversee the computerization of audits procedures from office to stock and to put in place the most modern computer systems applicable to retail. He proved to be extremely organized, dedicated and resourceful. His technical knowledge is without question and at all times remained in good humor while dealing with many interpersonal and technical problems. I’ve have no problems in recommending him as a troubleshooter and project leader.

Michael McGrath

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School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences

University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QH

To whom it may concern,

Walter M. O’Brien 2 July 1996

I was personal tutor for Walter O’Brien while he was a student at the University of Sussex. As such I received reports from his academic tutors and met with him each term to discuss progress. Walter consistently gained coursework grades at first class or upper 2.1 level. His tutors record that he is “an enthusiastic student, clearly prepared to work hard”, “very well motivated” and that “all aspects of the problem were tackled carefully and well”.

My impression of Walter is that he is intelligent, hard working and determined to succeed. He takes a thoroughly professional approach to programming and has a very good understanding of commercial needs and opportunities.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to a potential employer.

Yours sincerely
Dr Mike Sharples

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Dr. Phil Husband
Dept. of Computer Science
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RH

3rd December 1992

Dear Dr. Husband

I am writing on behalf of Walter O’Brien, of Rosshaven, Tingarren, Callan, Co Kilkenny, who is currently applying for a place in your undergraduate programme in Computer Science. I have known Walter in my capacity as the coordinator of the Irish site of the International Computer Problem Solving Contest (ICPSC) run by the University of Wisconsin. The contest is held annually on the last Saturday in April and involves teams from about 20 countries. Walter has competed in the most popular division of the contest (Senior Basic - Under 19) for the past 2 years. He and his 2 team-mates achieved 1st place in the Irish Contest this year. They solved 4 of the 5 problems in two hours including a good attempt at the 5th problem. (Copy of problems enclosed). Only 5 teams out of all countries participating solved 5 problems.

I have found Walter to be a pleasant, intelligent and mature young man with a great flair for computing. I am sure he is well capable of outstanding performance in your programme.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Sean Close
(Lecturer in Mathematical Education)

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3 Rosemount
Newpark Drive
19 - 9 - 91

Dear Professor Bvrne,

My name is James K Hurley, I have a background in Telecommunications and more recently in various electronic and computer related technologies which have evolved in recent times. I am employed by Telecom Eireann.

Walter O’Brien has expressed an acute interest in securing a place on a Computer Science Course at your University, I recommend that a place be given to him for the following reasons.

Walter is a mature, intelligent, articulate young man with an avid interest in computers. Over the last four years he has shown a keen interest in a wide area of Computer Science ranging from past and present computer technologies to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.

Initially Walter exhibited his BASIC Programming prowess using an Amstrad 464 machine on which he demonstrated Sound, Graphics, Animation and Machine Code routines. Last year he upgraded to an IBM compatible machine and having mastered MS-DOS in a very short period of time, is now rapidly becoming proficient in both Turbo C and Turbo Pascal.

I am confident that given the opportunity to further his computer studies at Trinity College, Walter will excel in his chosen field.

Yours sincerely,
James K Hurley.

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I have known Walter O’Brien’s family for many years now, and I know that I can safely recommend Walter to you as a very reliable person to deal with.

His knowledge of Computers is impressive and is only surpassed by his enthusiasm for the subject.

If you should require further information please feel free to contact me.

Matthew P. Deegan,
Managing Director,
for and on behalf of Mather Assoc & Grace Ltd.

24th May 1991