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We are proud to announce that of the 140+ companies that vied to be the Most Innovative New Product of the year, our ScenGen product just made it through the rigorous judging process to win the CONNECT 2011 Most Innovative Product (MIP) Award competition in the Aerospace and Security Technologies category. ScenGen was chosen by a group of industry experts to represent the best of 2011's new offerings - some of the most cutting-edge technologies expected to make a worldwide impact.

About ScenGen

ScenGen is a Scenario Generator and one of Scorpion's latest and most profound artificial intelligence Inventions. ScenGen extends a human's ability to think of all possibilities for any given situation by over ten fold. ScenGen has broad applicability as you'll see below but is most commonly used to exhaustively "think of" and then "execute" all user actions or systems messages as tests on all new releases of your software. This ensures that every new release is no worse (i.e. does not regress) than the current production version. This technology has been proven to scale in some of the world's largest companies within the most complex of environments to eliminate issues with new releases that would otherwise cause damage, downtime or misinformation such as memory exceptions, memory leaks, crashes, failed installations, etc.

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