The Scorpion Computer Services Difference:

We utilize an entirely different business model with a value-added approach unlike more traditional, large consulting firms. This is characterized by the following differentiators:

The Mastery Model: We are a group of experienced, hands-on experts with an encyclopedic knowledge of business strategies, operational approaches and best practices in systems architecture and applications. These experts have a proven track record of success as individuals, but more importantly, as a team that has worked together for years. We bring comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) best practice processes along with deep understanding of the practical application of machine intelligence techniques used to optimize your business’s competitive edge.

Cost & Speed: Using a team of recognized experts allows us to achieve a speed-to-solution approach that reduces project time and costs by as much as 75% compared to those of traditional large consulting firms. These reductions are due to the following factors:

  • Domain Knowledge: Our deep expertise covers all major industries and functional/operational areas. Due to our experience, the learning curve is shortened and we get it right the first time with little or no rework. Our results are far superior to the usual consulting approaches.
  • Tools & Techniques: Our proprietary, proven tools and techniques can collapse project timelines, work effort and cost by 75% or more through the practical application of machine intelligence.
  • Quality: As pursuit of perfection is part of our Mastery Model philosophy, quality is built into every stage of the project thus resulting in less overall work, time and expense.

Breakthrough Results: We deliver results vastly superseding those of more traditional large consulting firms in terms of performance, architecture, flexibility and quality of the final product. We achieve this through:

  • Big Picture Thinking: After listening to the client’s initial perspective on the problem and requirements, we take a step back and apply critical thinking to develop a big picture view. By applying our prior experience and expertise we validate the real objectives and identify previously unconsidered cheaper, faster and better alternatives. We find that taking the time to understand your vision and business before committing to a path of execution pays big dividends
  • Exceeding Expectations: Using a customized approach, we produce results that are elegant, robust and durable, meeting your needs now and well into the future
  • Objective Accountability: “You cannot improve what you don’t measure.” – Deming. As we implement the project we will use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track, monitor and report the tangible benefits realized

Solution Optimization: We use a three-stage approach to ensure rapid progress:

  • Resolution of Immediate Issues: The company’s systems are stabilized
  • Root Cause Problem Elimination: Tools and processes are implemented to ensure problems are not repeated
  • Business Process and Systems Optimization: A future strategy with levels of operating efficiency, quality and optimization are developed using a logical, successive order that ensures issues do not resurface again later

Immediate Verification of Capabilities: Please take a moment to validate our track record

  • Customers: Our track record speaks for itself, as verified by our customers in their testimonials and references
  • Press Coverage: Our work has attracted the attention of the International Press
  • US Government: The US Dept of Homeland security has successfully performed extensive due diligence on our founder’s background, claims and capabilities
  • Your Own People: We offer a “Lock down” approach where your own best and brightest engage with us for a few hours in a deep dive discussion to demonstrate our understanding of your issues and our proposed detailed solutions