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Scorpion has won awards for most innovative company and most innovative product and primarily serves clients with general strategic problem-solving for ANY funded problem. For almost 30 years, Scorpion has served client needs in information technology management, due diligence, architecture, development and cyber security. Scorpion has mitigated security risks for some of the world's largest corporations, and has invented and applied artificial intelligence engines to protect United States military personnel in Afghanistan. Scorpion is a think tank for hire that provides consulting and product development to companies, government and military worldwide. Scorpion's public-facing arm, ConciergeUp.com, provides intelligence on demand for ANY funded need.

Since its founding in 1988, Scorpion's team of world class experts have worked with clients globally across all industries to add real, measurable value to mission-critical initiatives from planning, to implementation, to execution. Scorpion's senior management has a collective knowledge of more than 413 technologies, 210 years in IT, and has completed 1,360 projects to date. Scorpion has conceived many unique technology inventions including ScenGen (in use by U.S. Military) and WinLocX (sold to Microsoft) and is one of the world's leading experts in the application of computer science and artificial intelligence.

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About Walter O'Brien

Walter O'Brien

Walter O'Brien (hacker handle: "Scorpion") was a high IQ child prodigy who started programming computers at age nine. Walter founded "Scorpion" when he was 13 years old as he recognized that he could bring together other smart talented engineers from around the world and using a little E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence) and a scientific project management approach they could solve not only technical problems but life problems.

    By age 16, He was known as a hacker and a national coding champion.
    By 18, He competed in the World Olympics in Informatics and has ranked as high as the sixth-fastest programmer in the world.
    By 21, He graduated with honors with a degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
    By 26, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security certified Scorpion as being of National Interest to the US by granting him an "Extraordinary Ability" EB 1-1 Visa.
    By 36, He created over 150 unique technology inventions and won Most Innovative Product Award for ScenGen his Artificial Intelligence engine that was used to protect United States war fighters in Afghanistan
    By 40, He became the Executive Producer of the hit CBS-TV drama "Scorpion" inspired by his life with over 26 million viewers in the US and airs in 188 countries. Walter founded Scorpion Studios and was later credited as Technical Advisor on the blockbuster Spiderman: Homecoming co-produced by Sony's Columbia Pictures and Disney's Marvel Studios. The Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association recognized Walters tremendous support of defense initiatives and Walter was also recognized by the Fort Wayne Base Community Council for saving countless lives, awarded a member's Combat Infantry Badge and Battle Dress Uniform from Operation Desert Storm.
    By 42, He was the youngest recipient of Unite4:Good's Celebrity ICON Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award, and his company won the LA Business Journal award for most innovative company. He appeared twice on Fox and CNBC to up to 320 million households on the topic of Cyber Warfare. For the 3rd time in 18 months he has received a commendation from the Mayor's office, this time for his work promoting World Peace. O'Brien was the keynote speaker at MENSA's Annual Gathering, won C-Suite Quarterly’s Visionary award and provided the seed funding for TaxiWatch, a suicide prevention program that has saved over 130 lives to date.

O'Brien is a frequent public speaker for IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and teaches as a mentor with the Founder Institute, the world's largest idea-stage incubator. O'Brien has worked with the world's largest mutual fund company, Fujitsu, Microsoft-Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. Walter serves as chairman or board member for Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, Law1oop and previously has served on the boards of Houston Technology Center, American Environmental Energy, Starglobe, Toin Corp and Board Advisor to Whitehouse initiated Department of Defense funded STARBASE Program. In addition, O'Brien is frequently called on by news media, the government, and the federal court system for his technology expertise.