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Big Data

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2016 Software Predictions: Breakthroughs, Threats, Convergence

Kathleen Goolsby,
Managing Editor


Editor's note: Software vendors have jumped into action to widen their competitive advantages and grow their market share even more in 2016. We asked several software executives for their predictions about the areas of change in 2016. These aren't long-shot predictions. So be prepared and make sure these are not threats to your business.

Q. Aside from the Internet of Things, which of the following software areas will experience the most change in 2016 - big data solutions, analytics, security, customer success/experience, sales & marketing approach or something else?

Walter O'Brien, founder and CEO, Scorpion Computer Services:

"Tired of hearing about corporate cybersecurity risks making national headlines? Get ready to hear far more with the advent of the Internet of Things. I believe a software solution that will become the standard in 2016 is default wireless connectivity settings that send employees to 'guest networks' or alternative networks that quarantine any financial or other sensitive data.


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