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O'Brien spoke to over 250 government officials and defense-industry leaders


LOS ANGELES, CA - 11/11/2015 (PRESS RELEASE JET) - Walter O'Brien, the inspiration behind the CBS hit show Scorpion, and founder and CEO of international consulting firm, Scorpion Computer Services, received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wexford Chamber of Commerce.

Walter O'Brien, the inspiration behind the CBS hit show Scorpion, and founder and CEO of international consulting firm, Scorpion Computer Services, delivered the keynote address at the 2015 Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association (NIDIA) Mega Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This key note address also included members from the Fort Wayne Base Community Council, an organization focused on taking care of military members and their families.

NIDIA is a regional defense industry association that works to grow defense business in northeast Indiana. It works with community educators to help develop and improve northeast Indiana's ability to attract and retain talent and improve interaction between the defense industry and NIDIA businesses in the region. NIDIA's Mega Conference, held bi-annually, is its flagship conference that brings together government officials and defense-industry leaders to stay abreast of defense industry challenges and opportunities

O'Brien's keynote speech at the Mega Conference was titled "Scorpion Unleashed: Protecting America from Cyber Attack." In his speech, O'Brien posed the communications and cybersecurity challenges faced by the public and private sectors and proposed how to solve them. "Walter O'Brien has an ideal grasp of the myriad of cybersecurity risks we face as a nation," said David L. Augustine, Col (ret) and Chairman of the Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association of O'Brien speech. He added: "O'Brien provides a real solution to our federal government across cybersecurity issues at a time when our country needs it the most."

O'Brien said of the conference: "It was an honor to speak to this group of qualified professionals and officials regarding a topic so vital to our national security. The entire audience recognized the security challenges that we're up against." Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann was among the speakers at the NIDIA Mega Conference.

Based in Los Angeles, O'Brien and the company he founded, Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., develop technology and artificial intelligence systems for commercial, government, and military applications. Scorpion Computer Services is "a think tank for hire that provides intelligence on demand." The company regularly consults at the state and federal level on cybersecurity, communications, and defense information technology infrastructure and architecture.

Prior to the NIDIA Mega Conference, O'Brien and David L. Augustine, Col (ret) had just returned from Washington, DC, after presenting Scorpion's NORAD cloud-based solution as Manhattan Project 2.0. The cloud -based solution is a data vault so secure that O'Brien could not hack into it. The solution architecture was presented by O'Brien to cybersecurity task forces on Capitol Hill, the large prime contractors, IARPA, and several Federal agencies. O'Brien also spoke at the Cyber, Space, and Intelligence Association meeting (CSIA).


Walter O'Brien is the CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, CEO of Scorpion Studios, the founder of, and the Executive Producer of Scorpion, the hit CBS-TV drama with over 26 million television viewers that is inspired by O'Brien's life. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Walter O'Brien as being a person of national interest to the United States and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, plus Navy and Air Force systems to employ his artificial intelligence systems to protect American military personnel. In addition, he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including the world's largest mutual fund, Fujitsu, Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. O'Brien serves as chairman or board member for Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, and Lawloop.

O'Brien regularly donates his time and talent to helping charities and the community in general to encourage new generations to celebrate intelligence.


The NIDIA (Northeast Indiana Defense Industry Association) was formed to address issues and opportunities facing the 20 counties in the Northeast Indiana defense industry community. Specifically, NIDIA will: (1) take actions to work with the community educators in the region to develop and improve the local defense community's ability to develop, attract, and retain the required talent to effectively execute business opportunities, (2) foster the increased and improved interaction between the defense industry and suppliers in the region for accomplishment of better services to defense and homeland security customers. (3) perform as an advocacy group for the defense industry in the Northeast Indiana region (4) provide liaison with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, elected officials, legislatures, and special groups and committees, to advance defense industry opportunities in the Northeast Indiana region to support economic development.