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humanity+ Media, Nitish Kannan on October 28, 2015
  The Real Scorpion  

My first impression of the real Scorpion (Walter O'Brien) was nothing at all like the one portrayed on the hit CBS show of the same name, now in its second season. When you speak with or meet the real life Walter O'Brien as I did when I spotted him at the Armani Store in Santa Monica he came off as a very humble and soft spoken nice guy. O'Brien, whose life the hit action adventure/Drama TV show Scorpion is based on, was born in Wexford Ireland and went to school in Kilkenny Ireland. Walter is understood to have an IQ of 197 and holds an Extraordinary Ability EB-1-1 Visa. Previous holders of such a visa include Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill.

I bet Walter O'Brien never dreamed as a kid from Kilkenny Ireland that he would one day be looked up to as a national hero thwarting cyber attacks against America and inspiring countless children and millennial's to study STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Math).

Coming from humble beginnings in Ireland and starting at the age of 13 as a hacker, Walter O'Brien would never have dreamed of becoming the real life version of Tony Stark meets MacGuyver meets the A-Team. Both media and fans wonder how much of the show is real vs what is Hollywood magic, being technical myself and being fascinated with Artificial Intelligence I decided to ask Walter if I could do a deeper dive inside the real Scorpion and see for myself.

Keeping in mind that the show like all shows must be entertaining in order to attract viewers but it's also inspiring millions of kids to follow Walters footsteps and study computer science to become tech savvy and like James Bond. Scorpion if he did nothing else in his life has benefited a nation of kids in teaching them that being different is ok, being smart is cool and every problem has solution. I've learned over my several conversations with Walter O'Brien and seeing his work first hand is that he is indeed a genius and is very sincere about doing the greater good for the world.

Over a recent hour and half phone call and interview I had exclusively with Walter O'Brien, I asked Walter, who's a very successful businessman and the CEO of Scorpion Computer Services why even make a TV show. Walter responded, "Well if you write a book no one reads anymore, and if you make a movie, people watch it and forget it. But if you make a TV show, kids will watch how smart people save the world every week and you can put the word out for years." The show exemplifies how scientists and smart people in general are today's heroes running and saving the world from balancing our electric grid to designing hospital backup systems to the people who ensure our Bank ATMs are operational.

So, Walter O'Brien, contacted Scott Manson who is the COO for Scooter Braun, (mega agent responsible for discovering the likes of Justin Bieber and many more) and an all star team was assembled and the TV show Scorpion was born. The parallels to the show and the real Scorpion are pretty astonishing because Walter's company is an orphanage for individuals with high IQ and low EQ to apply their skills to save lives. This is where it gets interesting.

So how does Scorpion work? Walter, has a degree in computer science and Artificial intelligence. Intelligence, according to futurists like Ray Kurzweil is a force stronger than physics and if you apply AI to huge problems you can solve them very quickly.

Walter's life today solving major problems for the Nation's top companies and Government Agencies relies on an Artificial Intelligence engine he helped develop himself (I personally saw the source code history and his initials are in the code header as the sole author) over many years called ScenGen. It stands for Scenario Generator which essentially has been used for everything from predicting attacks on US military bases to finding terrorists and many other classified cases. I do believe ScenGen is the most profound AI technology used by Walter O'Brien and Scorpion's secret sauce to solving major problems. It took over four years to write according to Walter and from my exclusive look and demo into the AI technology I can vouch for and say it's 100% real and is something only a Tony Stark would have access to.

What I find to be most profound about the ScenGen software is its ability to be applied to almost any field to solve a problem. Walter told me via a demo of the software itself that it is most analogous to two chess computers playing each other and thus exhausting every possible move. Walter maintains "imagine that rules of chess could be rewritten to represent any situation like a game, well ScenGen could now try every move to crack passwords, test security for banks, financial institutions, utilities, mutual fund reporting and thousands of other apps".

ScenGen was used on base to simulate the war games for Afghanistan. In under two seconds it ran every possible scenario of attack on a US base in Afghanistan. For example, ScenGen predicted that the water supply to the base could be poisoned by Arsenic and Walter and his team presented this to the Navy admirals. ScenGen accurately found a method of potential attack human could have, and saved over 400 lives. This is just one of a number of ScenGen apps Walter demoed to me and ScenGen in the wrong hands could be very dangerous. Walter demonstrated live how it could do 250 years of thinking every 90 minutes to even be applied to crack passwords, hacking and finding errors in software and reducing them by 99%. This is the secret sauce that's licensed at over $50k a user to private vetted applications like for DOD.

Walter has diversified his business with a new business called aptly named because as your problems get harder you need them moved up the value chain. This is where ScenGen is used to grant "any funded wish". Case and point, When a family in Beverly Hills had their daughter captured as an activist in Libya, Walter granted their funded wish and partnered with a private military group to plan a forced extraction and brought their daughter home in 48 hours. This is straight up like something you see on TV but for real. But Walter also loves solving fun and trivial wishes like visiting a young fan at his school for career day. Why apply geniuses to non serious issues, because according to Walter you gotta have some fun and not just solve serious cases each day. With, Walter helps people pick winning race horses based on their DNA, to a case where a Dad didn't want his son to marry a gold digger and asked that they be broken up without knowing they were interfered with. The gold digger even got banned for 10 years from the USA and they didn't need an expensive divorce settlement.

The more I get to know Walter O'Brien's world the more I've become fascinated with Geniuses. I think deep down Walter O'Brien is a benevolent genius who just likes to have fun solving interesting problems. Walter is a human ScenGen and weighs all possibilities carefully in life whether the question is which car he should buy or stopping a terrorist in Afghanistan. Walter O'Brien is the real life Tony Stark and I'm just thankful he's on our side. In this week's episode, Team Scorpion goes undercover on the "Super Fun Guy" movie set in Kazakstan in order to disable a soviet era nuclear missile being sold by terrorists,

Nitish Kannan is the CEO and Founder at, the first bitcoin and credit card point of sale app available in 18 countries. He is a well known Futurist, author and gadget junkie.