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  Wexford, Ireland, September 01, 2015 - Wexford People
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Wexford genius's Spidey Special FX
David Looby   September 01, 2015

A County Wexford genius is leading up a special effects team on the new Spiderman Venom movie.

Walter O'Brien, originally from Ballymackessy, Clonroche, is a recognised genius with an IQ of 197. He is the Executive Producer of 'Scorpion' - the hit CBS-TV drama with over 26-million-viewers that is inspired by his own life.

His company Scorpion Computer Services recently announced the spin-off of Scorpion Studios, Inc., a broadcast studio and film consultancy headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Scorpion Studios has already been engaged by three major studios.

In 2015, Scorpion Studios completed a deal with Sony's Columbia Pictures and will be credited as the technical advisers for the new movie, Spiderman Venom. For years as part of Scorpion Computer Services, Scorpion Studios has been tapped by Hollywood studios as the go-to experts for help with technical advice, script development and research on cyber security, hacking, virtual reality, cutting edge weapons, systems, military scenarios, vehicles and prop building and design.

Scorpion Computer Services has provided its experts on demand - often within 48 hours - to clients in industries as diverse as nuclear energy, prison administration, USAF, NASA, SWAT, Navy Seals, private military contractors and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Scorpion Studios director Josh Lawler said: 'Sourcing real-world military, counter terrorism and law enforcement experience from Scorpion Computer Services, together with access to a truly amazing number of highly intelligent experts. Scorpion Studios provides a wealth of cool ideas, gadgets and knowledge to enhance stories and character development and save months of research time.'

Scorpion Studios' writers are also developing new action and drama television shows. Following the spin-off, Scorpion Studios will focus on the entertainment business sector, and Scorpion Computer Services will continue to serve government, military and the Fortune 1000 companies.

Its public-facing arm,, will continue to serve funded problems for the general public.

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