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LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, the global online talent discovery platform, has announced the addition of Walter O'Brien to its advisory board. Walter O'Brien is the co-founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services and the executive producer of the CBS television show, Scorpion. As a computer expert and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., Walter brings twenty-seven years of technology expertise to's board. is the top online talent discovery destination. It rewards passionate performers and video creators with cash prizes and career-making opportunities based on votes from viewers and celebrity guest judges who want to be a part of discovering tomorrow's stars. O'Brien's addition to's board is an important step in advancing Indi's mission of constantly evolving its technology to connect people and celebrate their talent and intelligence.

"Walter O'Brien's role on our advisory board will help us tap into his creative and technological vision. With his guidance, combined with Indi's existing relationships with celebrities, Grammy award-winning producers and entertainment industry executives, we are excited to re-imagine a sustainable future for talented individuals while competing simultaneously with America's Got Talent and YouTube," said Neel Grover, founder and CEO of


Walter O'Brien is the CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, CEO of Scorpion Studios, the founder of, and the Executive Producer of Scorpion, the hit CBS-TV drama with over 26 million television viewers that is inspired by O'Brien's life. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Walter O'Brien as being a person of national interest to the United States and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, plus Navy and Air Force systems to employ his artificial intelligence systems to protect American military personnel. In addition, he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including the world's largest mutual fund, Fujitsu, Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. O'Brien currently serves as chairman or board member for, Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, and Lawloop.

O'Brien regularly donates his time and talent to helping and educating smart charities and the community in general to encourage new generations to celebrate intelligence.

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