Walter O'Brien interviewed about managing risk on John Gafford's "Escaping the Drift"
(formerly the Power Move)

Escaping the drift is a top business leadership podcast which has included top business leaders such as Steve Sims, Cody Sperber, Brad Lea and Dan Fleyshman. Like Walter, John is a member of the $100 million mastermind. John Gafford is one of two Owners of the largest boutique luxury real estate company in Nevada, “Simply Vegas” has over 600 real estate agents and does 4,000 transactions annually with a volume of over a billion dollars. The Simply Vegas family of companies also includes Clear Title, an escrow and closing company, and Streamline Home Loans. Prior to his career in real estate, John was a successful entrepreneur building and exiting successful businesses in the hospitality, insurance, and tech spaces. This experience and success culminated in being selected over 1.8 million applicants by Donald Trump to compete on the third season of NBC's "The Apprentice". He is a sought-after contributor, speaker, and consultant in the real estate space. Current charities are - Keep Memory Alive, The Wounded Warrior Project, Three Square and Habitat for Humanity.

In this enlightening episode of Escaping the Drift , John Gafford had the opportunity to sit down with Walter O'Brien, founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, a world-leading think tank for artificial intelligence, risk, and cybersecurity. With a problem-solving approach that has captured global attention, O'Brien delved deep into the realm of risk and its many dimensions. Born in Ireland, Walter O'Brien has become synonymous with cutting-edge technology and ingenious problem-solving. With an IQ of 197, he founded Scorpion Computer Services at the tender age of 13. His company quickly made a name for itself by winning the Irish programming championship and ranking 6th in the World Olympiad in Informatics. Now, the business thrives in Los Angeles and specializes in mitigating risk through AI, coding, and cybersecurity. During our conversation, Walter shared fascinating insights on managing risk in a volatile digital world. We discussed the importance of understanding the dynamic nature of risk, how artificial intelligence can aid in predictive risk analysis, and how to instill a culture of informed risk-taking within organizations. Walter’s unique perspectives on risk mitigation, stemming from his experiences handling high-stakes scenarios both in Scorpion Computer Services and in his consultant work with governments and Fortune 500 companies, made this discussion both illuminating and empowering. Whether you're a business leader seeking to navigate risks, a tech enthusiast keen on understanding the role of AI in risk management, or simply someone curious about the fascinating journey of a prodigious mind, this episode with Walter O'Brien is a must-listen.