Walter O'Brien 'Scorpion' Judges Top Innovators at USC Hackathon

Posted: Mar 20, 2018 6:18 PM PDT

Inspiration for CBS' top drama leads USC's biggest hackathon with celebrity guest appearance, prize money and top AR/VR technology.

Mar. 20, 2018 / PRZen / LOS ANGELES -- Walter O'Brien, the founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., judges the USC Creating Reality Hackathon at the University of Southern California on March 12 - 15. The Hackathon is sponsored by Microsoft, HP, Intel and AT&T and co-organized by Monster VR.

USC's large-scale hackathon combines virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to expose people to new ideas, foster collaboration in tech and build new applications in VR/AR unfathomable until now. Prizes for the Creating Reality Hackathon are $5,000 for best VR and $5,000 for best AR. The overall winning team will also win a sponsored trip to the VR Sci Festival in May at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

400 participants will be chosen from over 1,500 applications to work in teams of five or fewer in a development competition to create the most original and scalable AR|VR experiences. Each team will present their original projects to a panel of industry-experts as judges.

Project categories include:

  • Innovative Entertainment, including storytelling and games
  • Content Production
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
  • AR|VR For Good: the nexus of celebrity, Pop Culture, and Civic Engagement
  • AR|VR Hardware Hacks
  • Machine Learning & AI


Scorpion Computer Services is the internationally recognized problem-solving consultancy led by computer-security expert and hacker "Scorpion" Walter O'Brien.

Scorpion has won the most innovative product and most innovative company award, being named the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation award winner by Los Angeles Business Journal. For over two decades, Scorpion Computer Services has contributed to the greater good by managing geniuses as they transform Scorpion client ideas into reality.

From confronting and solving issues of national security to rescuing failing businesses, Scorpion Computer Services is the brainpower behind solving global issues, proving "smart is cool." The company's clients include government, military, a number of Fortune 5000 firms as well as start-ups and small- and medium-sized businesses with opportunities across cutting-edge information technology solutions, transportation and logistics, business efficiency and marketing.


Walter O'Brien (AKA "Scorpion") is the Executive Producer of "Scorpion", the hit CBS-TV drama with over 26 million television viewers that is inspired by O'Brien's life. He is the innovative founder of Scorpion Computer Services and, a global think tank-for-hire that provides on-demand intelligence as a concierge service for any funded need. For over two decades, Scorpion Computer Services has contributed to the greater good by managing geniuses as they transform Scorpion client ideas into reality. From national security to rescuing startups, Scorpion Computer Services acts as the brain power behind solving global issues, proving "smart is cool."

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Walter O'Brien as being a person of national interest to the United States and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, plus Navy and Air Force systems to employ his artificial intelligence systems to protect American military personnel. In addition, he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including the world's largest mutual fund, Fujitsu, Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies, and Critical Path. O'Brien currently serves as chairman or board member for, Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, and Lawloop.

O'Brien regularly donates his time and talent to helping and educating smart charities and the community in general to encourage new generations to celebrate intelligence.