Walter O'Brien Keynotes MIT Technology Review's EmTech Asia 2017

Founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, a leading U.S. authority on government and corporate cybersecurity, also joined CNBC Asia

MARINA BAY SANDS, Singapore, March 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Walter O'Brien, the CEO and founder of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., keynoted EmTech Asia 2017 in Singapore. EmTech Asia, curated by MIT Technology Review and Koelnmesse, assembles over 700 C-level executives including innovation officers, strategists, scientists and investors to collaborate on major global issues. EmTech Asia 2017 addressed global issues in cybersecurity and computer security following a number of high-profile hacks and attacks on corporate and government computer infrastructure.

In his speech, Walter O'Brien discussed problems and solutions to some of the world's biggest cybersecurity issues, touching on ransomware, aging government computer infrastructure and the perils of inaction. Regarding EmTech Asia, O'Brien said, "EmTech Asia brings together some of the brightest minds in technology and computer security. It was an honor to keynote the conference in Singapore and contribute to furthering several global initiatives in cybersecurity."

Regarding the award Samira Kazemeni personally introduced Walter by saying, "years ago the self made billionaire donated his time for free to give her honest business and life advice that changed her life and business significantly for the better. Walter O'Brien exemplifies the spirit of doing good in the world, with a recent award from the defense industry for saving countless lives. He's also among the most generous with his time promoting STEM subjects and computer science while teaching kids that 'being smart is cool.'"

Walter O'Brien's firm, Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., is the winner of Los Angeles Business Journal's Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation award for the deployment of ScenGen, the artificial-intelligence engine and for its work with the military on defense infrastructure. His company works with Fortune 1000 firms to test, implement and provide quality assurance on software and hardware security.'"


Walter O'Brien is the founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, Inc., and CEO of Scorpion Studios. He is the Executive Producer and the inspiration behind the hit CBS television drama, Scorpion, with over 26 million viewers in 180 countries. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Walter O'Brien as being a person of national interest to the United States and granted him an Extraordinary Ability EB 1-1 Visa. He has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, plus Navy and Air Force systems to deploy artificial intelligence that protects American military personnel. In addition, he has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including the world's largest mutual fund, Fujitsu, Trados, Oracle Corporation, Baltimore Technologies and Critical Path. O'Brien serves as chairman or board member for Strike Force Solutions, Talentorum Alliance, Houston Technology Center and Lawloop.

O'Brien regularly donates his time to charities and the community in general, to encourage all generations to celebrate intelligence. O'Brien provided the seed funding for TaxiWatch Kilkenny, a suicide prevention program that has saved 100 lives since its inception in 2015. Also in 2015 O'Brien contributed to the next XPRIZE selection as part of XPRIZE Visioneering.


Scorpion Computer Services is the internationally recognized problem-solving consultancy led by computer-security expert and hacker "Scorpion" Walter O'Brien. Named the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation award winner by Los Angeles Business Journal, for over two decades Scorpion Computer Services has contributed to the greater good by managing geniuses as they transform Scorpion client ideas into reality.

From confronting and solving issues of national security to rescuing failing businesses, Scorpion Computer Services is the brainpower behind solving global issues, proving "smart is cool." The company's clients include government, military, a number of Fortune 5000 firms as well as start-ups and small-and-medium sized businesses with opportunities across cutting-edge information technology solutions, transportation and logistics, business efficiency and marketing.


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