Put the IQ Power of Scorpion in Your Start-Up

Wish you could put the real Scorpion team to work on your biggest challenge for only $150 an hour? Wish granted.

Tracy Leigh Hazzard

Let's go back in time a little bit... There was a lot going on in 1988, especially with NASA. This is the year they decided to resume their space shuttle program, only two and a half years after the Challenger disaster took the lives of seven NASA employees. As NASA set out to, once again, change the course of history, their forward momentum didn't go unnoticed.

Walter O'Brien was just 13-years old at the time, and he was fascinated with the space shuttle program. So he did what any intrigued 13-year old boy would do. He hacked into NASA's databases, stole a copy of the shuttle blueprint, printed it out, and hung it on his bedroom wall. Imagine his surprise when all those black cars showed up outside his house looking for 'the hacker.' Sound just like the trailer for the hit TV drama Scorpion with its third season airing Monday October 3rd on CBS? It is and it's the real story of Walter O'Brien with the 'hacker handle' Scorpion. The show has turned out to be a ratings powerhouse, with a mix of A-Team meets The Big Bang Theory. Yet the most interesting things Walter is committing his time to these days is happening behind the scenes on start-ups and small businesses just like yours.

Facing Down Business Challenges

Walter and his global think tank Scorpion Computer Services is one of the world's leading experts in the application of computer science and artificial intelligence. His technology, intelligence, and security services have saved lives in corners of the world most of us have never even heard of, and oftentimes, it is Walter himself, at his computer for days and sleepless nights on end, to make sure everything happens as it should. He is manning the computer rather than the machine gun, and his role in these operations, around the world, is saving numerous lives.

For someone like Walter, who writes his own script, literally, in life as well as on television, it seems almost unbelievable that your business or start-up would be able to tap into his knowledge and intelligence. This is not just a realistic outsource opportunity for your business at a price you can afford but Scorpion has already interacted successfully by over 15,000 start-ups and businesses.

At only $150 per hour, the real-life Scorpion team will go to work for you, solving your biggest business challenges and helping guide the launch of your product or start-up onto the fastest, most direct path for success. Here's how Walter detailed their ConciergeUp, rent-a-brain service for me:

"We tell our customers to break their to-do list into three categories. You have a core competency, something you're better at than I'll ever be and that's your magic - your pixie dust. Then there are well-defined tasks you can give to any assistant or intern. Then there's a whole bunch of stuff in the middle that's not defined well enough to give to an assistant and is also not your core competency. That's the stuff you need to outsource sideways to someone just as smart as you with just as good a Rolodex. So, as we reach out to these other experts, they keep giving us tips that are invaluable to the business that pivot and correct and redirect where you are going."
Failure Is Never an Option

For Walter, and his team, the f-word doesn't come up much because it isn't even on the table as an option, no matter what is going on in that moment. This mindset is what has allowed Walter to tackle any challenge life has presented him with, only looking for solutions, rather than looking for a way out. This is the same mindset that has carried Walter through the attacks from naysayers and 'haters', wishing to discredit his accomplishments. And it is this very same mindset that will allow Walter to bring solutions to your business as well. Maybe everything you see on TV isn't real, but this certainly is and so are their astounding results like:

  • Savings of $43 billion in opportunity risks
  • 6000% increase in transaction speed
  • $52 million per year saved through automation frameworks
Why Timing is Your Most Critical Factor

My conversation and time spent with Walter O'Brien was fascinating and tremendously insightful all at the same time. I wanted to share something with you that Walter shared with me on timing and how it plays into business. I learned that Walter believes, when it comes to business, that timing is one of the most critical factors when it comes to success. Time is money and all businesses should be operating with this truth at the foundation of everything they do. For example, let's say your business is bringing is around $300,000 per year. That roughly equates to $150 per hour, which means once you go over the $300,000 mark, it is actually cheaper at this point for you to bring in the Scorpion team than it is to continue working alone.

If you laid it all out as that to-do list he spoke of, everything you need to accomplish to take your business to the next level, that list might take you about three years to complete. Remember, time is money and you can't actually afford to go on throwing away time. With the Scorpion team, they could come in and complete your list in, let's say, one year effectively saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars and getting you into revenue sooner. Not to mention that the longer you take to bring a product or service to market, the higher risk you have of market shifts. If you begin to look at your time like this, it's easy to see how working your strengths and hiring out your weaknesses could be the decision that saves your business, your bankroll and gets our economy rolling. This is why Walter O'Brien and Scorpion is saving the world by removing one problem and unsticking one business at a time.