August 8, 2016

He hacked NASA at age 13 and, in exchange for amnesty, he began working for the US Government as a Cyber contractor from his native Ireland. The company he formed to do so would be known simply as Scorpion. If the name Scorpion sounds familiar, that’s because it is also the name of a hit television show for CBS based on O’Brien’s life. The fictional O’Brien, played by Elyes Gable, solves crimes and stops deadly attacks with his team of geniuses. They use the latest technologies and their high IQs to save the world. O’Brien developed the show to market the services and grow his network of geniuses that comprise Scorpion and O’Brien’s consumer-targeted company, ConciergeUP. ConciergeUP solves “Any funded need” that a client may have using O’Brien’s team to problem solve. Walter O’Brien speaks candidly with Matt about the struggles of genius, the development of the Scorpion television series, and why we should all be more concerned about Cyber Security as technology plays a larger role in our lives. Yes, Matt even asks about the recent technology craze: Pokemon Go. This is an interview unlike any Talk For Two has ever had, and we are so proud to share it! Scorpion returns to CBS October 3rd

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