Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016 | 12:07 AM ET

Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. and Scilent Networks Announce Strategic Partnership

Global consulting firm Scorpion teams up with Scilent to meet electronic threat and compliance management demand

LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. the computer security firm and global think-tank-for-hire that solves any funded need announced a strategic partnership agreement with compliance management firm, Scilent Networks. The strategic partnership will help meet the demands of both Scorpion Computer Services' and Scilent Networks' clients in the areas of computer and network security.

Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. was founded by computer-security expert Walter O'Brien and has worked with the Federal government, international heads of state, the United States Navy, Air Force and Fortune 500 firms to design, implement and maintain computer security and information-technology systems. Scilent Networks, led by Craig Shankman--who has held multiple CTO roles in the past--provides data-loss protection and information-technology compliance services to small and medium sized businesses.

Regarding the strategic partnership agreement Craig Shankman, Scilent Networks CEO stated that "Scilent Networks evens the playing field. We secure your network, by stopping information leaks from the outside in, and more importantly, from the inside out. Scorpion Computer Services complements our services as a global think tank for hire with 2500 contractors and a wealth of IT and security knowledge."

Shankman worked with Scorpion Computer Services in his former role as CTO of a major financial services firm. Regarding his past work with Scorpion Computer Services Shankman said the company "performed a 240-point inspection to resolve IT integration issues from a series of acquisitions. Scorpion Computer Services was professional, communicative and diligent as an invaluable partner throughout the process."

Walter O'Brien, founder and CEO of Scorpion Computer Services said "Scorpion Computer Services' strategic partnership agreement marks another milestone in our company's abilities to service government and military clients as well as their contractors in the areas of security and threat management."

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Scilent Networks provides custom, automated electronic platforms and networks tailored to meet a business's compliance and security needs. From large multi-site businesses to smaller single site offices Scilent Networks delivers to you peace of mind by knowing that your company is safe from both internal and external cyber threats.


Scorpion Computer Services is the internationally recognized problem-solving consultancy led by computer-security expert and hacker "Scorpion" Walter O'Brien. For over two decades, Scorpion Computer Services has contributed to the greater good by managing geniuses as they transform Scorpion client ideas into reality. From national security to rescuing failing businesses, Scorpion Computer Services acts as the brainpower behind solving global issues, proving "smart is cool."

Scorpion Computer Services also offers its services to the general public through, a global think-tank-for-hire that provides on-demand intelligence as a concierge service for any funded need.