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Walter (18) leads Irish 'brain' team

Walter (18) leads Irish ‘brain’ team

A brilliant young man with strong connections in the Enniscorthy area is leading the Irish team in this year’s – wait for it – international computer problem solving competition.

18-year-old Walter O’Brien captains the three-man Irish team that includes Joseph Caroll (Meath) and John Lambe (Dublin) which flies out this Thursday for Mendoza, Argentina, where the 1993 International Informatics Olympiad takes place.

Walter is son of Cushintown man Maurice and his Irishtown, New Rossborn wife Ann O’Brien, formerly of Boro Hill House, Ballymackessey, Enniscorthy, and now living in Tingarran, Callan.

Second of a family of five, Walter won the Wisconsin International Computer Problem Solving event in 1991 as an individual entrant and repeated the brilliant achievement as a team member last year.

The Leaving Cert. student is at present studying for a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Sussex.

The week-long Infromatics Olympiad gets under way on Saturday, and the Irish team is sponsored by Cara Data Processing Ireland.