Specialist 8

Specialist 8
  • Specialty: Management (Project, client, staff)
  • Technologies: n/a
  • Years in it: 26
  • Projects: 78
  • Country of Origin: United States


26 years Corporate IT experience as analyst, manager and executive working in Hardware/Software Evaluation; Operations; Project Management Office; Applications Development; Client Support disciplines.


5 years in banking (Bank of America); 8 years in automotive manufacturing and distribution (Nissan and Mazda); 14 years in health care (Kaiser Permanente).


Staff management; budget management; project management; client relationship management; vendor management; requirements definition; systems implementation; systems analysis; client training; business consulting; process redesign; IT Governance oversight.


Data warehouse; software distribution/packaging; desktop standards and management; enterprise directory; anti-malware software; messaging systems migration; document management; engineering support software; decision support; systems implementation.


Business Information Systems Major

Bio Summary

He has over 26 years of progressive experience encompassing multiple IT disciplines, including client support, application design and development, system implementation, project management and client relations management. He has managed numerous projects for Fortune 500 companies resulting in cost savings of over $11 million. In 1979 he began in the banking industry for Bank of America, where he oversaw the building of two Office Automation operations centers in the SCAL and World Headquarters buildings, the first such computing facilities in the industry. He then transitioned in 1983 to Nissan Nissan Motor Corporation as a Senior Business Systems Analyst where he designed a Dealer Tech Support system that was implemented world-wide and continued in the automotive industry until 1990 with Mazda Motor Corporation as their Systems Development and Program Manager where he launched a ground-up project to rewrite all Service Division applications using CASE technology and redesign the dealer communication network. In 1990 he moved to Kaiser Permanente Health Plan (the nation’s largest heath care provider) where he headed the organization that provided IT technical support and system implementation services to 12 medical centers and their satellite offices. He was later promoted to the Director for all Email and Groupware Services that encompassed over 135 locations and 125,000 clients. He completed his corporate career in 2004 with Kaiser and has since been a successful entrepreneur and investor. In 2006 he accepted a position as the Director Investor Relations for a boutique investment firm that specializes in SCAL real estate investing. He continues as an advisor and consultant to large corporate clients and mid-size companies for internal IT management and client relations.