Specialist 4

Specialist 4
  • Specialty: Large Infrastructure, Datacenter, Technical Strategic Planning, Operational Restructuring
  • Technologies: n/a
  • Years in it: 15
  • Projects: 122
  • Country of Origin: United States


Trading, Insurance, Title, Escrow, Banking and Loan Origination Systems. Cost Control. Technical Restructuring and Strategy. Business Process Management. Virtualization. Image, Facial and Object Recognition. Network, Systems, Control Center design and implementation.


12 years of large scale financial infrastructure experience an Executive level perspective on Enterprise Infrastructure strategy, including Systems, Network, Database, Web, Disaster Recovery, Desktop Connectivity and Virtualization, Telephony and Mobile. NOC process procedure and staffing, Cable Plant, Electric, Desktop. 8 years of large scale project management Experience including International and multi state implementations, 7 years Strategic Business planning, 7 years acquisition and assimilation experience.


Enterprise Class Data Center Build outs, Large Branch Model Management, Facial, Object, Image recognition, Biometrics, Financial Compliance, Risk assessment and mitigation planning, Project Management


MBA, Business and Management
B.A. Speech Communication

Bio Summary

With more than 15 years experience in Information Systems in the private sector, Specialist 4 has managed financial systems in the local, national and global spaces. Specializing in large infrastructure operations Specialist 4 has built and overseen global data centers, networks and systems that have been responsible for the movement of hundreds of billions of dollars per year in the Brokerage, Trading, Mortgage, Banking and Insurance industries. Specialist 4’s philosophy regarding Infrastructure management centers around the concepts of building strong teams, rebuilding areas of technical and human weakness and gaining operational efficiencies that allow clients to focus recaptured monies on new technical areas to increase system function ad performance as well as promote long term competitiveness and foster growth. The key to Specialist 4’s success has been his competency to lead entities and stakeholders of those entities toward mutual value. Specialist 4 has created this value by saving entities as much as tens of millions of dollars in operating costs per annum while preserving employment, and restructuring divisions of labor to more sustainable long term models.