Specialist 2

Specialist 2
  • Specialty: Software Configuration Management, Automation, Internal Tools Development
  • Technologies: 16
  • Years in it: 3
  • Projects: n/a
  • Country of Origin: United States


3 years experience in IT as Software Configuration Manager, Software Developer and Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer (automation), Mercury Quality Center administrator


2.5 years in the investment management domain, 6 months in document management solutions, 3 months in Search Engine Optimization for real estate.


Software configuration management, deployment risk management, build and deployment process automation, internal tools development, SDLC


Build and Deployment process automation, source control system setup, SCM best practice implementations, internal tools development, Environment setup, SAS70 compliance, QA Test Case Automation, Data Capture and storage using IBM Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


C/C++, Java, Perl, Oracle, Tomcat, Quickbuild, Perforce, UNIX shell scripting, Autosys, Informatica PowerCenter, Installshield, Web Technologies, Mercury Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, ColdFusion, IBM DB2 Content Management


Masters in Computer Science
Bachelors in Information Technology

Bio Summary

Specialist 2 acquired his Masters in Computer Science. During his course of study he worked with a real estate company Tenantplus. At Tenantplus he worked on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort for the company's online portal. In a substantial effort that he undertook for this portal, he implemented an end-to-end system that automated the portal's weekly proliferation of new web listings and deals, without any human intervention. Within 2 months, the team was successful in raising the company's online portal ranking into the top 15 results on many popular search engines.

While still in school he later joined Avacom, Inc where he worked on IBM Content Manager for Document Management. There he developed an application that directly extracted data from digital media to feed the IBM Content Management System, cutting down the hardware overhead of conventional OCR systems. By providing a cost-effective OCR replacement for those that could not financially perceive Avacom's more expensive OCR-based alternatives, Specialist 2’s innovative solution opened for Avacom a new vista of clients in small businesses.

After completing his graduate studies, Specialist 2 then joined the Capital Group Companies. Initially he worked as a QA Engineer and soon ramped up to become an Administrator for an internal audit tool built atop Mercury Quality Center. A few months later, Specialist 2 transitioned to his Software Configuration Management (SCM) role where he managed almost 20 releases per year. Over a couple of years, his profile of responsibilities included automation of build and deployment processes, design and setup of different application environments in tandem with Source Code Baselining and implementation of Continuous Integration. He also helped reduce deployment risks, my mimicking production packaging and migration tools and processes. With his exhaustive efforts towards SCM practices at Capital Group, he reduced effort and risk by 85% across 4 applications.