Specialist 1

Specialist 1
  • Specialty: IT, Software Configuration Management, Build and Release Engineering, Source Code Management, Automation, SDLC/Workflow, Application Packaging/Installers
  • Technologies: 50
  • Years in it: 9
  • Projects: n/a
  • Country of Origin: India


Over 1 year in entertainment (Deluxe Digital Studios, M-Audio), 2 years in finance (The Capital Group Companies), 4 years in Automobile and Aerospace Design and Manufacturing (Delmia Corp, Saketh Inc.); 2 years in education


2 years semiconductor test equipment (Teradyne), 3 years in finance specializing in program trading (Investment Technology Group), 15 years in finance specializing in fixed income applications, quality assurance and risk management (The Capital Group Companies)


Code management, Build and Release Engineering, Software Configuration Management, SDLC/Workflow design and implementation, Installer/MSI design and development, Process Automation, Process improvement and process definition.


Build Automation, Release Automation, Workflow and SDLC design and implementation, Installer automation, Design and implement branching strategies, Environment setup, Process Design, Automation and Improvement, Training, Track metrics, Report generation


Perforce, ClearCase, SVN, InstallShield, windows installer (MSI), Power Builder, Power Gen, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Cruise Control, QuickBuild, Luntbuild, Quality Center, Jacksum, SD Migration, Tivoli, Altiris, AutoSys, CAA/RADE, and CNEXT, Microsoft Office, MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Fiddler, Jmeter, JIRA, Quality Center, Request Tracker, Perl, UNIX Shell scripts(Bourne, Korn, C-Shell), NANT, ANT, Batch, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, SQL/PLSQL, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, IRIX6, Sun Solaris), Linux, Windows, and DOS, ASP.NET, IIS, JSP, XML, Oracle, MySQL


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Bio Summary

Specialist 1 has 9 years of experience in IT in areas of software design, development and test, Build engineering, Release engineering, Source Code Management, Version Control, Configuration Management, Installer design and development, process improvement and control, and automation.

Specialist 1 graduated with a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in Operating Systems and Networking. Her work on translation of CSP code to Java code allowed for automatic implementation of complex concurrent systems for designers who were unfamiliar with Java. Her work and research on the same was widely appreciated and referred by other papers on CSP and was presented in the Communicating Process Architecture 2003 conference.

Her work in an IT lab as an administrator in addition to her thesis and coursework ignited her passion for IT. In 2001 she began working as a software programmer for Delmia Corp. While there, she was involved in the design, development and testing of GUI interface, state commands and automation interfaces. Specialist 1 used the automation interfaces to create state commands that would enable engineers to create new activities and features. She also led the effort to represent manufacturing processes that were designed in the CAM application in the form of html pages for online viewing on the shop floor. This was used and much appreciated by Daimler Chrysler, a client of Delmia Corp.

She later joined the build and release team for support of teams in France, India and the US. Because of her programming background, she was able to very quickly setup an automated build and release process. By extensive use of make, unix shell scripts and batch files, she was able to reduce build and deployment turnaround time by 80%. Because of her diligence and attention to detail, she was able to reduce build failures and deployment failures dractically by 60%. She trained junior team members on build and release processes and documented the system for cross training with other teams. She led the effort to design and develop installers for a suite of products. She successfully redesigned the script based installers (for UNIX) to GUI based installers using Installshield Multiplatform. This reduced the build and release time drastically since replicated work for different platforms (windows, aix, irix, hp-ux, sun-solaris) was removed and combined into one shell. The checklists and the test and verification process that she setup for the builds, deployments and installers improved the quality of the deliverables by 90%.

In 2005, she joined The Capital Group Companies as a Software Configuration Management Engineer for the Equity Trading System team. The complexity of the system due to the number of components all needing to be changed for multiple projects at the same time in addition to changing project timelines presented quite a challenge to code management and version control. By defining branching strategies and implementing them for the different components, Specialist 1 was able to bring consistency and manageability to the code management and version control of the systems. This involved training developers on usage of Perforce, branching, and merging. Another challenge was the different platforms the applications were built in. There were applications in C++, Java/J2EE, C#/.NET, PowerBuilder to name a few that resulted in variances in the build and setup of these applications. Specialist 1 streamlined the process by creating an end to end solution that would provide a consistent method to build these applications by using QuickBuild and Perl. She provided training for this tool to other team members. Usage of this tool drastically reduced build failures due to lost code or communication and significantly reduced build and release process time.

Her due diligence and attention to detail have brought about positive changes like the above to all her clients.