• Specialty: Application Development, API programming, Embedded Systems, Computer Vision, Robotics
  • Technologies: 47
  • Years in it: 14
  • Projects: 15
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom


14 years in IT with experience as a developer, analyst, researcher and technical writer in academia, telecom, defense, fast food and catering industries


Application Development, API programming, Embedded Systems, Neural Networks, 3 Dimensional Environment Modeling, Biological/Computer Vision, Genetic Algorithms, Robotics


1 year IBM/34 mainframe installation and administration (Chez Fritz Franchise GmbH)
2 years financial systems administration and maintenance (Veltkamp-Fu├činkel Steuerberatung)
2 years catering and entertainment software (J├╝ngersdorfer Bierwirtshaus)
4 years electronic warfare system design and optimization (Thales Airborne Systems)
1 year research consultancy for embedded camera control systems (University of Sussex)
4 years tools and technical writing (Convergys)


IBM/34 mainframe installation and administration, desktop publishing and marketing tools development, graphical pub assistant, 3 dimensional morphing, adaptive robot map building, reverse engineering biological vision systems, high performance shared memory management, shared memory debugging tools for development stage debugging and code optimization, shared memory track table management, algorithm optimization for target tracking and prediction, application programming interface based HTML conversion grammar, FrameTech authoring tools suite, release notes shared memory interface, schema generation tool for additional schema integration, client support website design


Programming languages: C/C++ (GNU/Visual/CCS), Modula 2, Pascal, Pop-11, ProLog, Occam 2, CURL, C*, SML, LISP, Basic, Logo. Scripting languages: PHP, JavaScript, FrameScript. Operating systems: UNIX (Solaris), Linux (RedHat/Mandriva), Windows (NT/2000/XP/DOS), Apple (ProDos, ZDos), VxWorks (VxMP/Tornado). User Interfaces: HTML, CSS, Motif, Xt. Applications: CM Synergy, Source Safe, SCCS, GDB, GnuPlot, ImageMagick, XFig, LaTeX, Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, TextPad, Emacs, Ved. Hardware: Motorola Power PC, PIC16F876-04/SP


Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence
M.Sc. degree in Knowledge Based Systems (Intelligent Robotics)
B.Sc. degree in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Bio Summary

Dr. brings over 14 years of experience in application and embedded system development. Previously Dr. worked at Convergys where he innovated and redesigned the documentation generation and management process for the company's rating and billing technology. This work was so significant that he was rewarded with a company distinction for his efforts. Prior to this, Dr. developed embedded technology for vision control systems in academia. This work was offered by the University of Sussex in order to build on the contributions Dr. made while he was working on his research as a Ph.D. student. In the defense industry, Dr. was responsible for designing and implementing highly optimized algorithms for target tracking and prediction. His software is now used in applications all around the globe.